To collect, preserve and present the community’s experience of their settlement, work and life in the London Chinatown.

Aims & Objectives 


To actively promote community participation by providing voluntary opportunities and engaging with the community through memory events, exhibitions & disseminations. We will also provide training for film making and oral history interviews.


Conduct oral history interviews, produce a one-hour documentary and archiving the final product in public museum to preserve the fascinating early establishment life stories of London Chinatown for future generations.


Bring together different generations of the Chinese community throughout the making of the documentary with open days, interviews and celebrations. Link together stories with a common thread to show how experience intertwine and have shaped London Chinatown today.


Share the story of London Chinatown with a wider audience through exhibitions and screenings of the documentary to inspire learning about Chinese culture. An education pack to be produced in collaboration with a school so that memories from the pioneers of Chinatown will not be forgotten.