Children’s Arts Exhibition

As part of the London Chinatown Oral History Project, the exhibition was open at the Westminster Reference Library on 14th January, 2013. 

Puppet show characters and their stories are believed to be many people’s childhood memories and a Children’s Art Event was co-hosted with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce UK in July 2012. On the day volunteers and staff of the project staged a puppet show to present the history of London’s Chinatown. 

We successfully combined a puppet show with children’s art during the event. After being inspired by the puppet show, the children were able to paint a vibrant 3 metre mural during the art workshop. 

In order to share our experience of planning and the implementing the Children’s Art Event, this exhibition showed the stage of the puppet show, the props and the puppet show video along with the children’s mural from 14th to 19th January 2013 at the Westminster Reference Library. 

There were children’s art workshops between 4 and 5 pm from 15th to 18th January, and between 2 and 4 pm on 19th January.