Bill Pang 彭彪 & Wun Ping Chiu Pang 彭趙換萍

“Nowadays not many media outlets would mention Confucianism, morality, justice and humanity. Many would think that money is everything. I encourage the young people to show respect to their parents and contribute more to society.” 現在很多傳播媒介都沒有提到禮教、道德、仁義這些字,多數都是認為有錢就行的了。我鼓勵年青人孝順父母,對社會要多作貢獻。

Bill Pang 彭彪 – Retired Printing Company Owner退休印刷公司東主

“I hope young people would care about the elderly more.” 希望年青人多點關心老人家。
Wun Ping Chiu Pang 彭趙換萍 -Retired Printing Company Owner退休印刷公司東主