Dr. Cheng Chan 單聲博士 & Sherry Chan 單桂秋林

“Be hardworking, thrift, respectful and creditable.” 我有四個字作勉勵 – 勤儉敬信

Dr. Cheng Chan 單聲博士 – Law Advisor/Land Investor 法律顧問/地產投資

“A family needs parental discipline. If a family has its upbringing, and at school there are teachings from the teacher, then a person can obtain a standard for life after receiving a basic education.” 一個家庭要有父母的管教,在學校有老師的教導,那受了一般基本的教育以後,他就有做人的道理,有一個準則在那裡。

Sherry Chan 單桂秋林 – Charity Work公益活動