Stone Lions 石狮子
The Stone Lions in front of the old post office building were a gift from the Chinese Embassy in 1986. Lions are traditional Chinese guardians of portal entrances believed to have supernatural powers! 位於以前的老郵局前面的石獅子,是1986年中國大使館贈與唐人街的禮物。獅子在中國傳統文化裡是守衛門戶的象徵,人們相信它擁有超自然能力!
The Three Gates/Archways三大牌坊/拱門
The three 'Pai Fang' or gates in Chinatown were built by Westminster Council in 1985. Pai Fang were built as gateways to certain passages or areas, creating divisions and sub-divisions within the city. 唐人街里的三'牌坊/拱門是1985年由西敏寺市政府建造。牌坊是連接地區間通道的門關,劃分了城市裡地區與地區間的分界。
Chinese Pavilion/Gazebo
中式涼亭Newport Street
This covered structure in Newport Place serves as a gathering point for friends and families meeting up. This particular Pavilion was unveiled in 1986. 這個在Newport Place的覆蓋結構式的涼亭,是朋友家人集合的地點。這個特別的亭子在1986年於公開亮相。
Feng Shui Inn 風水軒 5-6 Gerrard Street
Feng Shui Inn used to be home to Golden Records, a magazine and record shop before but before its use for retail it was once the meeting office of the Imperial College Chinese Association.
HaoZhan 好栈 8 Gerrard Street
HaoZhan - Formerly 'China Salon' barbers, was opened by Mr Chun Chan in the 1960s. He was one of the Shanghai master barbers from Yangzhou City and opened the first Shanghai hair salon in Chinatown. 好棧原本是一家60年代由陳俊先生開設的理髮店。陳先生來自揚州,是第一位在唐人街開設上海理髲店的人士。
Far East Restaurant 新界奇華 13 Gerrard Street
This establishment has kept the same name since it opened in the 1960s. Supported by the renowned cake shop "Kee Wah" of Hong Kong the restaurant served the traditional Chinese cakes it is now famous for.新界奇華飯店由60年代創建。得到著名的香港奇華的支持, 新界奇華因出售中國傳統糕點而名聲在外。
Black Bean正斗18 Gerrard Street
Before it was taken over in 2011, this used to be 'Tai Ka Lok', owned by Mr. So Man Chan, famous for the Cantonese roasted meats. 在2011年被接管之前,這是一家由陳素文先生經營的有名的廣式燒臘店。
Paddy Power 40 Gerrard Street
Formerly 'Luxuriance Peking Cuisine', this restaurant was owned by Mr Chun Chan notable for offering non-Cantonese cuisine. 前身為山王飯店,是由陳俊先生經營別具特色的一家北京餐館。
London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA) 倫敦華埠商會 45, 3/F Gerrard Street
The LCCA was founded in 1978 responding for the need to facilitate a stronger link with the Westminster City Council and the Police. Since the 1980s LCCA has organised the annual Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown. 為了促進與西敏寺市政府和警察的合作和當地社區的需要,倫敦華埠商會於1978年成立。從80年代開始,商會在唐人街開始組織盛大的中國新年慶祝活動。
Harbour City Restaurant 鹿鸣邨大酒家 46 Gerrard Street
Took over in 1990 by Mr. Shun Bun Lee, the restaurant is known for being run by some of the earlier immigrants and for bringing an authentic flavour of Cantonese cuisine to Chinatown. The premises was previously occupied by the 'Hong Kong Cultural & Services', selling Chinese arts, crafts and newspapers. The basement was home to a Chinese cinema, popular amongst the community.
Chinese Community Centre 華人社區中心2 Leicester Court
The first Community Centre founded for the Chinese Community has been providing advice, community development services, Elderly Health and Youth services for over 30 years from the heart of Chinatown. 華人社區中心自成立開始, 在過去30年間一直在唐人街的心臟地帶,為華人社區提供諮詢, 社區發展服務, 老年及青少年服務。
Pang's Clansman Association 彭氏宗親會22 Lisle Street
Formed in 1964 it is a supportive network for the Chinese immigrants that share the same common surname (Pang) and family roots. The aim was to unite all Pang's from Hong Kong Fan Ling Wai living in the UK. The Association moved to 22 Lisle Street in August 1981.
Poon’s Chinese Restaurant潘記27 Lisle Street
Formerly Poon's Chinese Restaurant was opened in 1973. It was famous for its Lap Mei Fan (fermented meat with rice cooked in a clay pot), Wanton noodles and their authentic Chinese cooking. Mr. Poon the owner was awarded the Michelin star in 1980. 潘記於1973年開張, 以其臘味飯, 煲仔飯, 雲吞面及其傳統中國料理名聲鵲起。店主潘先生在1980年成為了米之蓮星級廚師大獎。
See Woo Supermarket 泗合行18-20 Lisle Street
In 1975, Mr. Stanley Tse, an experienced entrepreneur brought his knowledge, passion and determination to establish a brand synonymous with quality Chinese groceries. In 2011 Mr.Tse became the president of the London Chinatown Chinese Association. 1975年,一位經驗豐富的企業家,謝貴全先生,懷揣著知識,熱情和決心創建了一個優質的中國超市品牌。2011年,謝先生並成為了倫敦華埠商會的會長。
Shaolin Way 少林道 10 Little Newport Street
Mr. Yap Leong travelled from Malaysia to the UK in the early 1970s and set up his school teaching Five Ancestors Fists and the Shaolin way martial arts store, performing Lion and Dragon dance routines particularly during the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown. 梁其協先生70年代早期從馬來西亞來到英國,建立了教授五祖拳的學校。同時開設了少林道武術商店,特別是中國新年在唐人街慶祝上表演舞獅舞龍。
Hong Ning Herbal Medicine 康寧诊所15 Little Newport Street
In 1983, Mr Sik Nin Ho co-founded Hong Ning, now one of the oldest herbal medicine stores in Chinatown. Following the successful treatment of a magazine editor's daughter's eczema, Hong Ning received widespread media coverage and became very popular. 1983年,何錫年先生與友人共同創立了這家現今唐人街最老的中草藥店---康寧。在成功治癒了一位雜誌編輯的女兒的濕疹之後,康寧迎來了大量的媒體報導,並廣受歡迎。
Pang's Chinese Printing Service 中国印刷4 Macclesfield Street
This is one of the oldest Chinese printing services in Chinatown, set up by Mr Bill Pang in the 1970s. After more than 30 years, Pang's now serve not only the Chinese community but also UK and international clients in England, Europe and Asia. 這是唐人街上最古老的中國印刷之一,它是由彭彪先生在70年代創辦的。30多年後,彭先生的中國印刷不僅服務於華人社區,更服務英國,歐洲,亞洲和國際客戶。
HSBC匯豐銀行17 Gerrard Street
The premises was previously occupied by a café that was notorious for operating a Chinese gambling den in the basement! It wasn't until 1980s when the former tenant moved out and HSBC opened a branch there to meet the needs of the local Chinese businesses. 這個地方曾經是一家咖啡館,以其在地下室的中國賭窩而眾人皆知。直至80年代,上一個承租人搬走,匯豐銀行才在此設立分行提供當地華人生意上的​​服務。
New World Restaurant 新世界大酒家1 Gerrard Place
New World is the only restaurant in Chinatown that continues to serve Dim Sum in the traditional way via a cart shuttling between tables! Guests can pick and choose their favourite dishes or what steaming delight catches their eye as the cart passes them!
Dumplings Legend小籠皇15 Gerrard Street
Dumplings Legend used to be the premises of Lee Ho Fook (literally meaning 'the enjoyment of eating delicious food'), a restaurant known as one of the best places in London, UK and indeed Europe for Chinese cuisine. 小籠皇這裡曾經是利口福餐館,一家被譽為在倫敦、英國甚至歐洲最好的中國餐廳之一。
Wong Kei Restaurant 旺記41-43 Wardour Street
With waiters asking couples to separate and be seated 'one upstairs and one downstairs', Wong Kei is famous for the 'colourful service'. People today not only go there for the good food and reasonable prices but for the 'full' experience and the service is more of a unique performance.
Gambling Dens地下賭檔Gerrard Street
Early immigrants were mostly single men and during their time off work they gathered in Chinese Clubs to gamble and spend time with their friends. Social gambling is engrained in the working Chinese man's culture, so much so that these places doubled as job centre's for potential restaurant workers。早期移民大部分是單身男性,他們下班後就聚集在這些俱樂部裡賭博和與朋友們消磨時間。社交賭博在中國人的文化中根深蒂固,甚至在這些地方因為可以認識不同的人士, 也成為就業中心可從中找到工作的機會。
St John's Hospital for Dermatology 聖約翰皮膚科醫院5 Lisle Street
The present building was constructed in 1758 and maintains its gabled frontage and original fenestration today. Whilst it is no longer a hospital today, perhaps there was some influence from the building's heritage for St John's Hotel to construct on the site opposite! 這個建築建於1758年,並保留了山型牆的正面和原有的門窗。現在這裡已不再是一家醫院,其中一個原因可能是因為當時對面要建造的聖約翰酒店。
New Loon Moon Supermarket 新龍門超市9 Gerrard Street
The premises used to be the location of the Turks Head Tavern made famous as the meeting place of The Literary Club. Today, New Loon Moon is known in the community for having products from all over east and South East Asia and of course Chinese goods. 這裡曾經是土耳其的小酒館,因文人俱樂部而著名。今天,新龍門超市以在這個社區內擁有來自東亞和東南亞的商品而著名,當然還有來自中國的。
Wonderful Patisserie名品45 Gerrard Street
Today 45 Gerrard St. is home to Wonderful Patisserie, one of the cake shops in Chinatown serving famous Hong Kong style cakes. The 2nd floor of the building used to house the headquarters of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the 1960s that provided Chinese language classes for the local community. They later moved to 19-20 Frith Street and established a Chinese school at the new premises. 今天,爵祿街45號是名品糕餅店,在唐人街提供港式糕點。60年代,這裡的樓上曾經是英國華商會的總部,為社區提供中文課程。後來總部搬到了19-20 Frith Street並在新址上建立了一所中文學校。
Leong’s Legend 梁山好漢4 Macclesfield St.
Today it is a successful chain of restaurants specialising in Taiwanese cruising with 2 branches in Chinatown. In the 1960s and 1970s the premises were occupied by the Overseas Chinese Service. It was a one-stop place for all Chinese migrants. 今天,這裡是一家很成功的以台灣菜為特色的連鎖餐廳,在唐人街有兩家分店。但是在​​六七十年代的時候,這裡曾經是海外中國服務中心。這裡曾經向中國移民提供一站式服務。
Hong Yuen Co 康源22 Rupert Street
Hong Yuen Co is specialising in Chinese alternative and complementary medicines. In the 1960s and up to the 1980s however 22 Rupert St. was home to a Chinese grocery store, Chinese Emporium. Chinese groceries. 康源以中國藥品和營養補充品為特色。然而,60年代到80年代,這裡是一家中國雜貨商店。
Tai Chung Wah Hair Salon大中華理髲店4 Gerrard Street
Next to the Feng Shui Inn is Tai Chung Wah Hair Salon providing locals with cuts to suit Chinese hairstyles. However, between 1953 and 1961 this was home and studio to George Harrison Marks, a director and his partner Pamela Green a glamour model. From 1961 and into the 70s the building premises were turned into a grocery store called the Far East Food Centre. 在風水軒旁邊樓上是大中華理髲店,專為華人提供剪髮服務。這房子的前身是名導演George Harrison Marks及其名模配偶Pamela Green的於1953至1961年間的公寓和工作地方。1961年至70年代這裡被發展成一間名為遠東的食品中心。
Rice Bowl Mural一碗飯壁畫Horse and Dolphin Yard (off Macclesfield Street)
Enclosed behind many of the restaurants and stores of Gerrard St. and Shaftesbury Avenue, it is home to a mural created by Hong Kong born architect and designer Wing Kei Wong. What seems like just a bowl of rice from afar. 在Gerrard St.和Shaftesbury Avenue大道許多餐館和商店的背後,是香港出生的建築師和設計師黃永基的壁畫。這幅作品由當地社區捐贈1888張展現唐人街過去和現在的照片拼揍而成,圖案好比一碗遠道而來的米飯。
ICBC Bank中國工商銀行85 Shaftesbury Avenue
The ICBC bank differs from other High Street banks such as Bank of China in that their services are primarily for industrial and commercial sectors. Before the current tenants moved into the building, it was a shared office for a Chinese chemist and also a Chinese translation service.
Boba Jam110 Shaftesbury Avenue
Boba Jam specialises in delightful “Pearl Bubble Tea”.Before this shop was opened, it used to belong to the Golden Gate cake store next store that used to sell Chinese groceries here. However, before either of these tenants ran these businesses, it was home to a tailor who specialised in Chinese Qipao. Boba Jam專賣“珍珠奶茶”。在Boba Jam開張前,這店面也是旁邊金門餅店的其中一部分,專賣中國雜貨。然而,在這些租戶開店前,這卻是一個專業從事中國旗袍製作的裁縫的家。
Cannon & Co.吉利安書報社Newport Place next to Qpark Chinatown
The shop next to Qpark was formally a well-known newsagents – Cannon & Co. in the Chinese community, selling newspapers and magazines. It was one of the owner Jeffrey Cheung’s most successful business ventures.停車場旁邊的店前身是著名的吉利安書報社。 這是其東主張炳容先生其中最成功的生意。
Imperial China restaurant中國城大酒樓25 Lisle Street
Imperial China has always been known as one of the classier places to dine in Chinatown. The owner, Chu Tin Tang was awarded an OBE in 2011 in recognition of his contribution to the Chinatown community.
Beijing Dumpling restaurant 23 Lisle Street
This used to be the location of the restaurants owned by Chi Cheung Lee, a migrant from the 1950s, and the most famous among all his establishments, the New Diamond restaurant. He used to be the president of the London Chinatown Chinese Association spearheading the appeal to Westminster Council for a major refurbishment of Chinatown. His successful pursuit led to the official recognition of the area as Chinatown. 這裡曾是著名的江仔記的舊址,東主是50年代移民李志章先生。他曾是倫敦華埠商會的主席,帶頭向西敏寺市政府請求對唐人街進行整體翻新。他的不斷追求成功地使唐人街區域贏得了英國官方的承認。
Golden Dragon金龍軒28-29 Gerrard Street
The Golden Dragon restaurant is one of a few around Chinatown owned by the Royal China Group. The Group now has over 40 restaurants in the UK and in different countries around the world and is widely known for service some of the best dim sum and high quality food in London, promoting authentic Chinese cuisine. 金龍軒是唐人街其中一家皇朝旗下的餐廳。皇朝目前在英國及世界各地的不同國家擁有超過40家餐館,最著名的是他們在倫敦提供的高質量的食物和點心,真正發揚了地道的中餐烹飪。
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