Alfred Man
Alfred is the Head-Photographer of ValoStudio and oversees the whole process from start to finish. He finished his Architecture degree in University of Nottingham and practiced his profession in Los Angeles after he graduated. He studied photography in UniArt Hong Kong. He has been in charge of many pre-wedding, wedding and fashion shoots in the past.His mastery with lighting and photography help clients to deliver their messages.

Antoine Breant
Antoine Breant has been working in diverse photography projects for the last ten years. After his training he has been travelling and realized a project called ektik planet. The purpose was to propose his vision of our fast moving world by travelling to major cities of South Asia. He aims at revealing the beauty in usual life situation. He has been living in London for the last two years and he is thankful to the Chinatown oral history project for letting him being part of this exciting project.

Larissa Alves
I was born in Recife, Brazil, in 1985. It was in 2006, during my degree in Communication, that I began to learn photography techniques and Socialdarkroom practice. Later on, I went to work as a photojournalist at the ‘Jornal do Commércio’, a leading regional newspaper based in my hometown. After two years developing my practice in the newspaper, I decided to move to London to do a BTEC in photography and work as a Portrait photographer. Last year, I worked as a photographic technician at the Catholic University of Pernambuco, in Brazil and completed an amount of freelance work including album covers,book projects, film stills and fashion shoots. Nowadays, I am a freelance photographer based in London – working mainly with documentary projects and portraits. I am also working in the Chinese Oral History Project – To portray the ‘faces’ of Chinatown’s history has been thoughtful and inspiring, an experience which evokes fascinating memories and life-stories.

Sim Tan Au, Tina Aileen
After graduating from Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design in 2010, she dedicated her time in Fashion and Art. She started her photography career by receiving on the job training ValoStudio. She takes photos for private clients, company or organization events. She is also one of the organizers of this exhibition andthe Creative Director of her own eco-fashion brand, Tunalien. “I believe that everyone is unique and capturing their uniqueness and telling their stories is my interests”.

Jason C
Grew up in Hong Kong, now based in London. He enjoys using camera to document; and believes taking pictures helps him remembering what he came across. He is also keen on experimenting the process of image capturing. Apart from his personal projects, he works as a freelance photographer and developer.

Special thanks
Special thanks for Michelle Bok and Amy Cheng for designing the layout of the exhibition and hand-making all the picture frames for the exhibition.