Mingyi Ruan

Mingyi Ruan

My experience in CMHA is one of the most precious memories I had in the UK. Through the volunteer activities in the Oral History project, I learned and benefited a lot.

The Chinatown Oral History Project of CMHA recorded the stories of many British Chinese. While some are outstanding, many are the ordinary people with touching stories to tell. Though I have not met them all, through editing the interview records, I could feel how tough their life were and how hard they worked for a better life in the UK. They are the people who established the London Chinatown step by step - lived together, helped each other and built the characteristics of the area gradually. CMHA's Oral History Project unraveled many stories that have never heard of.

As a volunteer, I can't express enough about how meaningful I feel this project is about.

The Project also revealed the development of London Chinatown to young children through puppet shows and art workshops. As I played a role in the puppet show and I was amazed when I saw the children so enjoyed the show.

Apart from all the work that I have involved in the Project, what makes me cherish this experience most is the people I met in CMHA. They are all kind and nice people and helped me a lot with patience. They are a group of optimistic spirit which inspires me in work and life. I made lots of new friends there and I really enjoyed working with them as a team.

My experience of volunteering in the Oral History Project would always encourage me to see the bright side of the life. I hope more people will be inspired like I did and join them!

Thank you Rebecca, Grace and Tina!