Pok sang CHEUNG


“Unlike the young generation who live a comfortable life nowadays, our lives were very tough in the past, although they are still quite picky about a lot of things. My encouragement is that it is worthwhile to experience some hardship.”

Retired Chinese School Head Master

Origin - Macau

Mrs. Pok Sang Cheung Tang was one of the few women who had the opportunity to receive post-secondary education in the 60s. After marrying Mr. Tit Ying TANG, she began her career as a teacher. In the 70s she migrated to Britain from Hong Kong to reunite with her husband. At first she thought about working in a restaurant in order to earn more money to support the family. Mr. Tang disapproved of her idea of restaurant work, Cheung then learned to make clothes with a sewing machine. Unfortunately all the clothes she made were returned by the customers. Her skills and previous way of teaching was much valued by her husband who later referred her to teach Chinese in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chinese School. Since then she taught until her retirement in her 70s. She treated her students as if they were her own children. She was dedicated to teach traditional Chinese culture alongside the language. The happiest thing she regarded was to see her students become successful.