Oral History of London Chinatown Interviewees

Oral History of London Chinatown CollectionWe recruit and train up volunteers to interview 100 participants and build up a permanent in-house digital archive. All the materials will be available for public access in the London Metropolitan Archive after July 2013.


DocumentaryWith the commitments of the media students and professionals who contribute their time and efforts, this documentary will portray the full development of Chinatown in Soho from the 1960s and capture the stories of the original pioneers who worked to make this place a success.

Arts & Photography Exhibitions

Arts & Photography ExhibitionsMy Chinatown Arts Exhibition in April 2013 was a collection of art pieces created by Mei Yuk Wong, Keng Ho Fong, Asaki Kan, Man Fai Ma and Ian Vine. The arts exhibition had been inspired by what the artists have personally taken from reading the interviewees’ life stories and what they have learnt about the historical development of London Chinatown and Chinese culture in general.

The Photography Exhibition in February showcased a diverse range of work from a small group of London-based photographers. Seeking to highlight the cultural characteristics of London Chinatown and the invaluable contribution of its pioneers, the photographs of 60 interviewees, who have given their unique and personal memories to the project, were displayed.

The two exhibitions were held in the Westminster Reference Library.

Website, Virtual Museum

Website, Virtual MuseumOur new Oral History Project website including a virtual museum will contain all interesting highlights, pictures and the professional portraits of the interviewees. The documentary film, all the events, arts programmes and exhibitions will also be covered on our website

Please click the following link to our Virtual Museum

Education Pack

Education PackWork in conjunction with Ming Ai (London) Institute, through this Educational Pack we aim to promote learning of the Chinese heritage among young children in the Chinese and the wider communities.

iPhone App

iPhone AppDevelop an iPhone App we aim to create a global reach through a virtual guided tour, 50 places of interests and legends of London Chinatown.

Memory Lane Events

Memory Lane EventsBringing back memories and sharing old pictures and the anecdotal accounts in the events, we wish to engage more people in the community to participate and celebrate the trial and tribulations with us.

Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinatown

Chinese New Year Celebration in ChinatownDuring the Chinese New Year in 2012 we subscribed a market stall so to promote our Project and to celebrate the New Year. In 2013 we were donated a marquee in Trafalgar Square to promote the Chinatown history. The marquee was kindly sponsored Mr. Stanley Tse the business owner of See Woo Supermarkets,

Project Dissemination Event

Project Dissemination EventA launch event to celebrate and showcase the work that we have done over the last 2 years was held at St.Martin in-the-field in Trafalgar Square on 10th May 2013.